BBYN4103-Business Research Method

Question 1

Before we begin doing a research, we need to the big picture of our research. This will help us while conducting our research. Research design is a plan on how do we will do our research. In research design we will have our research outline to be followed. Purpose of our study or research, method of data collection, research timeline and scope of our research will be defined in our research design. Problem definition also will be explained in research design. Therefore before Walls launch its new flavour ice-cream, research design is important. This is to ensure that the product launched will be a success.

Question 2

To introduce a new flavour ice-cream, we need to conduct a descriptive type of research. This is because descriptive research will provides us appropriate and sufficient information before we launch the newly flavoured ice-cream. By conducting a descriptive research we are able to understand the characteristics of our target group for the new ice-cream. Its also provides us further ideas to improve our approaches in introducing the new ice-cream in event the product launched is failed. By having descriptive research, it also can help us to make a certain simple decision. Its also will let us to think systematically about all aspects in anticipating situation that can be involved in launching the new ice-cream. Its also will let us to think systematically about all aspects in anticipating situation that can be involved in launching the new ice-cream.

Question 3

Research Purpose

To know level of customer readiness in accepting newly tropical coconut flavoured ice-cream.


  1. If advertising is increased, then the new ice-cream will be widely accepted.
  2. A school child is more accepting new ice-cream than a working adult.
  3. A woman will buy newly launched ice-cream than a man.

Question 4

5 research questions that can be used are:

  1. Which target group is the new ice-cream for?
  2. Why is the target group?
  3. What is the readiness of the selected target group on our last new ice-cream launch?
  4. When is the best time to launch the product?
  5. Why we should launch this new coconut flavoured to the existing market?
  6. Why coconut is selected to add in our ice-cream product line.

Question 5

Other issues that we need to consider when conducting a research are:

  1. Validity of data collected

as we collecting data from respondents, we need also to validate the data given. This is because some respondent may not be honest is answering questionnaires given to them. We also need to segment our respondents. This is because we need to give appropriate questions to appropriate respondent in order to get a valid data.

  1. Hypothesis Statement

Our hypothesis statement also should be simple and clear. This will make our reader will understand our research better.

  1. Problem Statement

Problem statements need to be clearly stated. This is to ensure that our reader will understand on why we conducted the research for. A clearer problem statement will provide us a good platform in conducting our research.

  1. Method of data collection

We also need to consider on how data need to be collected. This is because not all research will be using the same method of data collection. For our case in launching new coconut ice-cream, method of giving questionnaires in order collect data for our research is not appropriate. This is because ice-cream is a food. Therefore, in order to collect data from our target group we may consider giving them to taste our ice-cream.

  1. Timeline

Time take in completing our research also is an important issue. This is to ensure our findings and recommendations in our research are still valid when we present our research to our reader/management for their consideration or decision. If we took too much time in completing our research, the data collected may not be valid at point the research is done.

  1. Cost

We also need to consider cost that will be utilized in conducting a research. A simple research may not involve huge amount of money but a complex research may involves large amount of money. We also the need to analyze the cost-benefit of the research that we want to conduct. This is to ensure that by conducting the research it can give us good return not only in profit but also improving our company.


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2. Uma Sekaran (2000). Research Methods for Business. New York. John Wiley & Sons Inc.



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